• Leech Lake Tribal College
  • Leech Lake Tribal College, Little Wolf Road Northwest, Cass Lake, MN, United States
  • Mar 29, 2017
Full time Education

Job Description

SUMMARY: To develop and coordinate the College assessment plan, supporting the continuous evaluation and improvement of faculty assessment of student learning, and conduct institutional research for the College. Collects, analyzes, and disseminates internal and external institutional data to support policy analysis, strategic planning, decision-making, and academic and non-academic  program development and evaluation. Directly responsible to promote campus-wide self–regulation and continuous improvement by engaging in systematic assessment/evaluation practice and facilitating program/service review. Develops and maintains the institution's electronic data repository. Assists in systematically planning the College's future, managing its resources, and assessing its performance.



  1. Design, develop, and implement statistical research methodologies in collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of institutional data to support strategic planning, assessment, and decision making at the College.
  2. Coordinate, compile, analyze, interpret, and report an extensive range of quantitative data on all facets of the college and related educational issues, including areas such as institutional characteristics, enrollments, student retention and transfer activities, educational forecasts (e.g., enrollment projections), final grades, and other student performance indicators, fiscal affairs, and student matters.
  3. Assist staff members with the design and implementation of assessment projects.
  4. Assist the college/departments to design/select and administer reliable assessment measures.
  5. Perform internal and external consultation on institutional assessment and research.
  6. Responsible for the design, coordination, implementation, and analysis of a comprehensive program of assessment and evaluation activities at the College.
  7. Provide general support to the College's assessment program through direct support of the academic and administrative units. Consult with academic units in developing, measuring, and analyzing learning outcomes and administrative units.
  8. Coordinate the reviews of academic programs, including working with the affected departments/programs, arranging for external evaluators, chairing the panels, writing the reports, and doing the follow-up required to ascertain changes made as a result of the process.
  9. Assist with the College's plan for academic assessment, determine a common timetable for assessment stages, and advise all academic assessment activities by aiding with the selection of assessable criteria and the selection or development of appropriate instruments.
  10. Provide for the assessment education of faculty and staff by arranging conferences, workshops, etc., and maintaining a library of assessment methodology, ideas, and materials and build and maintain a pool of current resources and information about national assessment issues by attending appropriate conferences and procuring relevant publications.
  11. Collaborate with the Administrative Team on the institution-wide academic assessment program.
  12. Direct/assist with the planning and implementation of academic assessment goals and objectives.
  13. Support   computer-related   functions   related   to   assessment   and   accountability documentation.
  14. Assist with the maintenance of a comprehensive institutional assessment database and report on College assessment activities as requested or as appropriate.
  15. Conducts research in support of the strategic planning by utilizing the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and use the results to improve the quality of education at LLTC.
  16. Perform continuous internal and external environmental scanning for the purposes of supporting institutional research and effectiveness.
  17. Identify problem areas, such as admission patterns, fiscal and management analysis, and sources of financial support in order to develop research procedures.
  18. Assist in creating a "culture of research and evidence" documenting student learning, and contributing to excellence in teaching and effective learning.
  19. Represent LLTC as the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) with our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission.
  20. Work with the Registrar on the development of reports to ensure the university and its programs satisfy the requirements established by the federal, state, and the regional accreditation, as well as various types of specialized professional accreditation agencies.
  21. Support accreditation efforts in documenting student achievement and continuous program improvement.
  22. Assist with reports for proposals, grants, and fundraising purposes.
  23. Assure compliance with mandatory data reporting and maintain data verification and quality control procedures.
  24. Work closely with senior administrators, in particular in the processes involved m resource allocations, enrollment management, and system data requirements.
  25. Design data collection instruments and assist with conducting surveys to assess both college-wide and departmental goals and objectives.
  26. Recommend policies and procedures to improve the College's institutional effectiveness program and perform other duties as may be required.
  27. Other duties as assigned.


Master's degree in related discipline required. A doctorate preferred in an appropriate academic discipline with an emphasis on quality, program productivity and evaluation of institutional programs and initiatives. 3-5 years of relevant experience in an institutional research and/or institutional assessment at a post-secondary institution.



Understanding knowledge of and commitment to the mission, vision and goals of LLTC.

Experience working with the Ojibwe community.

Demonstrated commitment to serving students from diverse backgrounds, interests, goals, and abilities.

Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills and a self-starter.

Excellent organizational, planning, and prioritizing skills.

Ability to maintain confidentially of records and information.

Ability to interpret; adapt; and apply guidelines and procedures.

Ability to develop and maintain recordkeeping systems and procedures.

Ability to work effectively as a team member of LLTC.

Ability to pass pre-employment drug test and criminal background checks.

Native American Preference.