10th Anniversary Issue

Volume 11, No. 1 – Fall 1999


  • Healthy Tribal Colleges Create Healthy Communities

    On the Oglala Lakota reservation, a wellness team was formed in 1997 to respond to the overwhelming health needs of the people. Importantly, it is the first attempt at collaboration amongst reservation organizations. The team includes Oglala Lakota College, the Porcupine Clinic, Oglala Sioux Tribal Health Administration, the Indian Health Service, and the Community Representative Program.

  • Implementing the Executive Order: HHS takes lead in developing comprehensive plan

    The Department of Health and Human Services stands out from other federal agencies in its efforts to develop a comprehensive five-year plan that will change the way that all HHS agencies deal with tribal colleges. The effort is an attempt to implement an executive order issued by President Bill Clinton in 1996 directing agencies to create new partnership with tribal colleges and strengthen old relationships.

  • Diné College Students Research Diabetes for Their People

    For more than 25 years, Dine college has taken a lead role in researching Navajo health problems, utilizing students to help conduct research. The research agenda has been largely determined by the Navajo people themselves, and the results directly have benefited the community.


    Traditional Assiniboine Family Values: Let us bring back something beautiful

    Kenneth Ryan, Native American Studies curriculum developer at Fort Peck Community College, discusses traditional Assiniboine views of the family with James Shanley. This is an edited transcript of that interview.



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