Re-envisioning Indian Education

Volume 9, No. 2 – Fall 1997




Media Reviews

  • First Person, First Peoples

    FIRST PERSON COVEREdited by Andrew Garrod and Colien Larimore, Cornell University Press, 1997.

    Review by Lydia Whirlwind Soldier

    First Person,

  • Apache (Jicarilla)

    Audio cassette tapes (4 hours) with 150-page text
    by Alan Wilson and Rita Vigil Martine
    Published by Audio-Forum, Guilford, Conn., $65.

    Review by Lorene Willis

    I am a member of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe and not a speaker of the Jicarilla language.

Life of a College Mom


Oh, the Places You'll Go

Dips in the road like being fired or a spell of procrastination and lack of motivation can create mishaps. What really makes a difference is how we rise. Read more →