Volume 8, No. 3 – Winter 1997


  • White House Executive Order Recognizes Tribal Colleges

    The culmination of a 20-year effort by tribal colleges and AIHEC staff paid off when President Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order on Oct. 21, 1996, directing agencies of the United States government to create new partnerships with tribal colleges and strengthen old relationships.

  • SIPI Prepares for New Millennium

    The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) in Albuquerque, N.M., is celebrating its 25th year of educating American Indians for the work force.

  • Born in Conflict, D-Q Evolved to Peacemaking

    D-Q University emerged out of the conflict and chaos of the 1960s and early 1970s, a time when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing and Vietnam was raging. American Indians were insisting on controlling their own destiny–including the education of their children.

  • Grand Entry: A New Ceremony Derived From the Old West

    The author traces the history of the Grant Entry tradition and reflects on her own evolving support for it as deserving “a respectable place in our history and culture.”

  • Ceremonies Bond Tribes of the Americas

    Shared ceremonies are an integral part of the exchange programs at NWIC and create a meeting of mind, spirit, and culture, in addition to providing a foundation of trust and understanding.

  • The Pow-Wow: Going Home

    Pow-wows have always been important to me. Native American students who are grounded in their traditional culture see the pow-wow as a way to find inner balance after spending a long stretch of time in mainstream culture.



  • Student profile: Angela Sam

    With no time to spare, Oglala Lakota student, mother, volunteer, and activist Angela Sam urges other college students to “Get active… We need to realize that we’re getting educated not only for ourselves but also for our people. We’re the leaders that are coming up.”

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2017 AIHEC Student Poetry Slam


On the opening evening of the 2017 AIHEC Student Conference in Rapid City, students from an array of TCUs entertained conference goers with the spoken word at the annual poetry slam. View the video

Life of a Tribal College Mom


I Am an Ancestor’s Dream

Change, especially institutional change, takes time-and instead of just throwing our hands up in the air we should take it slow, each of us has our own roles to play.

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