Volume 8, No. 1 – Summer 1996


  • Brown Faces in Blue Uniforms

    Concern and courage intersected to create a vision that has been realized in the Leech Lake Tribal College tribal law enforcement program.

  • Accountability: What Tribal Colleges Can Teach – And Learn

    Schuyler Houser discusses the mounting evidence of the failure of current accountability models in American organizations and offers ways tribal colleges can learn from these shortcomings.

  • Indian Voices Rising: Native Activists Aim at ’96 Elections

    Across Indian Country, community leaders, political activists, and tribal college administrators and staff are hard at work educating the public and getting out the vote for the November 1996 elections.

  • Making Peace, the Navajo Way

    The peacemaker resolution process was locked away in memory for many years. Then, during a legal proceeding, an elder mentioned, “we used to do it this way … ” The tribal court justices, sensitive to the shortcomings of the imposed European system, decided to incorporate the old peacemaker way into the tribal court system. It was re-instituted in 1982.

  • Governing Under-Funded Tribal Colleges

    When the 1995-96 academic year was half over, tribal colleges had received only 20 percent of their operating funds because of the budget impasse between Congressional Republicans and Democrats. As the funding dribbled in with each continuing resolution, the total appropration per full-time Indian student was just $2,900.


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