• United Tribes Technical College Waives Tuition for Tribal Members

    A Bismarck community college run by the five American Indian tribes in North Dakota is waiving tuition for members of federally recognized tribes, hoping to boost enrollment and give students a better financial start to life.

  • Mending the Broken Hoop

    In his Great Vision, Black Elk spoke of immense difficulties that his people would face, but said they would find a new strength. Strong teacher education programs can help revitalize tribal communities.

  • Haskell Hopes for Independence

    Haskell’s operating budget rose just one half of 1 percent over the last four school years. KU’s operating budget went up 15 percent, thanks to having more sources of revenue rather than just one in Haskell’s case.

  • Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College Gets $1M Grant

    Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College has been awarded $1,047,244 from the United States Department of Education through the American Indian Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Title III Grant Program.

  • Partial Student Loan Forgiveness for Tribal College Employees

    The U.S. Department of Education’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program offers partial student loan forgiveness to tribal college employees.

  • North Dakota Tribal Colleges Contribute to Art Project

    North Dakota tribal colleges contribute to a student art project at the University of North Dakota. Tribal members experiences were woven into painted portraits, offering a new form of Indigenous oriented art.

  • The Unquantifiable Value of Tribal Colleges

    In November of last year, Sarah Butrymowicz of The Hechinger Report penned an article entitled, “Tribal colleges give poor return on more than $100 million a year in federal money,” in which she argues that tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) have “abysmal success rates.” Butrymowicz based her assertions on a particular dataset which The Hechinger Report selectively analyzed using specific measures.

  • Many Nations, One Movement

    The day was deceptively fair as the snowstorm crept up the eastern seaboard toward Washington. All of the weather forecasters were predicting a “snowpocalypse” that would force the nation’s capital to close down the following day.

2017 AIHEC Student Poetry Slam


On the opening evening of the 2017 AIHEC Student Conference in Rapid City, students from an array of TCUs entertained conference goers with the spoken word at the annual poetry slam. View the video