26-4 Summer 2015 “Tribal College Governance” Resource Guide

Volume 26, No. 4 - Summer 2015
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The following resource guide is a list of compiled references relating to leadership at tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). The list contains books, journal articles, and dissertations. Several of the referenced books are specific to Native American leadership within Native American institutions, while others deal with leadership in general. Leadership can span the divide of race and ethnicity and for that reason a good working knowledge of leadership in general will be the base for further research on Native Americans. The journal articles listed below will also cover a scope of diversity in leadership within higher education. My intent is to gather resources on this topic from several angles and perspectives, including those of of women and people of color. The dissertations I have listed below focus specifically on leadership within TCUs.

TCU leaders incorporate many styles into the development of their methods for leading their personnel and constituents. These resources may be able to provide some insight into this expanding topic of TCU and Native American leadership, and will hopefully lead to further research and publication in this field.

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